Bunn GRX Original 10 Cup Coffee Brewer in Black

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Product Description

Making high-quality coffee has never been easier than with the Bunn GRX. The pourover function and patented sprayhead design on this Bunn coffee maker result in some of the simplest, best brewing around. With the ability to brew 10 cups of coffee in just 3 minutes, it’s also one of the fastest brewers on the market, giving you a commercial-grade brewing time with the ease-of-use of a home coffee maker. It never needs to be unplugged unless you’re going away for more than 3 days, so the stainless steel boiler has hot water ready any time of day. Also, its plastic casing is available in black or white and has a stainless steel faceplate, making it a versatile design for any style of kitchen.

The Bunn GRX is very easy to operate once you read a few simple instructions.
The key to control is in the set up before brewing the first pot. The first pot primes the machine and takes up to 15 minutes to brew, but after the initial start up, all subsequent brewing cycles take just 3 minutes. As long as you have it plugged in, it will keep water at the proper brew temperature, however, if you’re not going to use the coffee maker for more than 3 days, there is a vacation switch that turns off all of its electrical components. Resuming power will require the initial 15-minute heat up time before brewing again.

There is no need to flip a switch to start brewing. When the lid of the reservoir is closed it depresses a post in the reservoir grate, allowing that water to flow into the boiler and forcing the hot water out through the coffee filter. For this reason, you should have the carafe sitting on the warmer plate before closing the reservoir lid. This displacement brewing method also makes it possible to brew as few as 20 ounces of coffee by merely adjusting the amounts of ground coffee and water you put into the machine. The on/off switch for the hot plate is the only control button on the front of the machine.

With the Bunn GRX, it takes only minutes to brew café-quality coffee. Once you are set up and have completed the initial 15-minute warm up period, the Bunn GRX brews an entire 50 oz carafe of coffee in 3 minutes. This commercial-grade speed will let you have your morning cup in hand in just moments, or brew multiple pots for a large gathering of friends.

The durable design of the Bunn GRX will ensure it lasts for years to come.The Bunn GRX is designed for ideal performance, superior speed and efficiency in brewing a pot of coffee. However, the polished plastic housing and stainless steel accents on this model reduce the industrial feel that many other Bunn machines can convey. The GRX also has a stainless steel boiler and porcelain coated hot plate.

The Bunn GRX’s carafe is made of glass and holds 50 oz. It is clearly marked with fluid level indicator lines and has an easy to grip plastic handle. The carafe’s spout is virtually spill free, so there’s no need to worry about ruined tablecloths or drips on clothes.

Once primed, the Bunn GRX is always ready to go.
The Bunn GRX has an 800-watt stainless steel boiler. After that first use, the boiler maintains the proper temperature and brews coffee in 3 minutes.

Hot Plate: 
The warming plate is porcelain coated and scratch resistant.
This easy to clean hot plate will evenly heat your coffee, however, to have the freshest taste, it is recommended that you never keep coffee heated for more than 30 minutes. The on/off switch for the warming plate is located on the top front of the machine.

The reservoir of the Bunn GRX serves as a readying mechanism for the machine. 
The coffee maker employs an indicator in the lid to start the brewing cycle. If you open the lid during brewing, you will interrupt the flow cycle, but not the brewing. This flip up lid covers the reservoir, which sits at the front of the machine, making it very easy to fill. You can pour straight into it and you won’t have to turn or twist your arm as you do when pouring into some reservoirs located at the back or sides of coffee makers. Once the lid is closed, water relocates to the boiler, moving the heated water out through the coffee filter.

Water Filtration: 
The Bunn GRX does not have a water filtration system.
 However, it is recommended that you use filtered water in order to keep the internal portions of the machine clean, and to improve coffee flavor.

Coffee Filter: 
The Bunn GRX uses a standard Bunn paper filter.
These oxygen-treated, high quality paper filters are available through our Accessories page and provide ideal extraction on Bunn machines.

A deliming spring is included with the Bunn GRX. The deliming spring looks like an 8 to 10 inch tight metal spring. It may take some time to become accustomed to using this tool, as it is unique among home coffee makers. There are simple instructions to disassemble the sprayhead and insert the rod to remove any build up from using hard water in the machine. Additional instructions are provided to assist in cleaning smaller parts of the sprayhead, along with 20 fluted paper filters and a calendar to keep track of regular cleanings. Filter re-ordering instructions are included as well.

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