Concordia 2500s Coffee System

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Product Description

The Concordia Coffee Systems 2500s is designed for moderate to high volume attended locations, and would be great in hotel lobbies, university settings, diners, or busy convenience stores. It offers 6 different drinks and 3 customizable options, creating over 30 different beverages. It also has the ability to dispense steamed milk, foamed milk, or hot water. 2 separate bean hoppers hold decaf or regular beans, while an integrated milk system provides 2 different types of milk in separate 1-gallon containers. The addition of a steam wand allows the attendant to steam and froth liquids, even while the machine is brewing. To keep the Concordia 2500s in top condition, it comes with a 1-year warranty. You can also purchase an additional customer care package that covers preventative maintenance, a year’s worth of cleaning supplies, telephone troubleshooting, and a 20% discount on the price of parts by calling our commercial sales line.


This machine is very simple to operate, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time training your employees. The touch pad has 3 sets of buttons. The attendant begins at “Step One,” selecting any combination of “extra shot,” “non-fat,” and/or “decaf.” Then, the attendant goes to “Step Two.” Here, the attendant chooses “caffe latte,” “double tall latte,” “cappuccino,” “double tall cappuccino,” “americano,” or “espresso,” and the machine automatically begins brewing. The third set of buttons is labeled “Steamed Milk Only,” “Foamed Milk Only,” and “Hot Water Only,” for automatic dispensing of the beverage. If other liquids such as soymilk or eggnog need to be foamed or steamed, a steam wand is located directly above the cup tray on the right side of the machine. Turn the knob, and steam is dispensed.


  • The 2500s brews caffe latte, double tall latte, cappuccino, double tall cappuccino, espresso, and americano.
  • Customizable drinks are available with extra shot, non-fat, and decaf options.
  • Over 30 different beverage combinations can be dispensed through the 3 stages of presets on the 2500s.
  • The steam wand can operate even while the machine is brewing. Use the steam wand to foam and steam liquids in addition to milk, such as soymilk or eggnog.
  • Tinted bean hoppers keep beans fresh for each shot of espresso. 2 bean hoppers give the option of regular or decaf blends.
  • An on-board refrigeration system holds 2 separate 1-gallon milk containers, so you can offer regular or non-fat drinks.
  • The straightforward cleaning system takes only 10 minutes per day.
  • Keep track of how many drinks are made, program drinks, and view other important information for complete management control.
  • NSF approval ensures compliance with safety regulations.
  • Dimensions
    • 36”H x 23.5”W x 26.6”D

    Feature Details

    Integrated Milk System

      Just press the cappuccino or latte button, and the machine brews, froths and steams directly into your cup. The integrated milk system means that the refrigerator is built right into the machine, behind the right front panel, and holds 2 standard 1-gallon containers. This allows you to provide low-fat and regular milk as options for your customers. Use this straightforward milk refrigeration system to store your milk 24 hours a day.

    Steam Wand

      While there is a learning curve on how to steam milk, having the ability to foam and steam your own milk is a great way to provide more beverages, such as soy chai or eggnog lattes, that other automated machines don’t allow for. (Putting soymilk or eggnog into the milk containers can clog the milk tubes.) Even better, the attendant can be foaming and steaming milk while the machine produces a drink – so if a customer wants a latte, the machine will brew the espresso as the attendant steams by hand.

    Automatic Milk and Water Dispenser

      The 2500s will also dispense hot water, foamed milk, and steamed milk automatically. Hot water is perfect for tea or hot cider, while foamed and steamed milk allow you to expand your menu by offering warm cereal, steamers and hot cocoa.


    Daily Maintenance

    • It is very important to keep the steam wand clean. After every use, wipe with a damp cloth to remove any drops left on the outside of the wand, then let a little steam run through the wand to clean out any leftover milk particles.
    • It’s necessary to clean the machine daily, but the simple cleaning process takes only 10 minutes. To keep drinks tasting their freshest, when the 2500s is not being used to make beverages, it performs an automated “self-clean” cycle. This cuts down on the amount of time that has to be spent cleaning the machine.


      The 2500s must be plugged into a compatible 200-240 volt outlet, and professional installation is required. This ensures that the warranty will not be jeopardized by improper set-up, and ensures the machine’s safety. Training is included with purchase of this machine, as is programming, so you will know how to customize your drink options. However, all questions on warranty information are directed to Concordia. You should also consult with your plumber or contractor, as well as your code enforcement officer on the following installation guidelines at the time of purchase.
      Installation fees are not included in the price of this machine. 

    Electrical Specifications

    • Available voltage
      • 200-240 volt
    • Circuit Breaker Requirements
      • 30 amp

    Plumbing Requirements

    • 3/4” indirect drain

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