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Product Description

Designed with state-of-the-art coffee technology, Jura’s Giga W3 is an office coffee system with the style and elegance that are the hallmarks of the Jura brand. With a massive 169oz. water tank and 2.2lb bean hopper, the Giga W3 can safely brew up to 120 beverages per day and is pre-loaded with 43 customizable specialty drink options. Dual pumps and thermoblock heaters allow the Giga W3 to produce two specialty milk drinks with the push of a button. Automated rinse and descaling programs keep maintenance hassle free and the full color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display makes navigating and programming your preferred specifications simple and intuitive.

Dimensions: 14.6” W x 21.7” H x 19.6” D

Weight: 41lbs

Features and Benefits: Brewing

43 Customizable Beverage Options

With 31 one-touch drinks and 12 barista specialties, the menu on the Giga W3 offers a massive selection of beverage options to accommodate even the most particular coffee drinker. Each drink can be further customized with variable coffee dosage, length, and temperature; milk volume can also be adjusted when brewing one-touch specialties. Your favorite 8 choices can be assigned to the programmable buttons on the front panel while the remaining options can be selected from the easy to navigate menu on the TFT display.

The main menu screen and customized beverage settings can be assigned to specific users and the drink specialties can be assigned unique names on a per-user basis. Drink specifications can also be adjusted on a per-drink basis while brewing.

Rapid Beverage Preparation

Designed for use in the professional setting, the Giga W3 boasts incredibly fast preparation times for a wide array of drinks:

  • 2 x Ristretti - 29 sec.
  • 2 x Espressi - 38 sec.
  • 2 x Cafes Creme - 1 min. 3 sec.
  • Hot water (6 oz.) - 28 sec.
  • A pot of coffee (12 oz.) - 2 min. 33 sec.
  • 2 x Cappuccini - 1 min. 23 sec.
  • 2 x Flat Whites - 1 min. 56 sec.
  • 2 x Latte Macchiati - 1 min. 31 sec.

High Speed Grinder

Coffee is ground fresh for each beverage you prepare by a professional high performance grinder. The cutting angle inside the grinding chamber has been perfected and in conjunction with the wear-resistant ceramic disc burrs helps to ensure precise and consistent grounds for years. Adjustment of the grind fineness is handled electronically through the menu on the TFT display.

Bypass Doser

Pre-ground coffee can be loaded directly into the brew group on a per-drink basis via the bypass doser. This feature is particularly useful for decaf drinkers given the massive capacity of the bean hopper.

Illuminated Height Adjustable Spouts

Both the coffee/milk spout and the hot water spout can be programmed with soft white or amber illumination while brewing. Each spout can also be adjusted to accommodate cups of varying sizes:


Height: 2.75" - 6.25"

Width: 0.78" - 1.96"

Hot Water:

Height: 2.71" - 6.49"

Dual Thermoblock Heating Systems

Rapid brewing and steaming are made possible by a pair of thermoblock heating systems.

Dual 15 Bar Pumps

Equipped with not one but two 15 bar pumps, the Giga W3 can rapidly produce multiple specialty drinks.

Features and Benefits: Capacity and Usage

TFT Display and Rotary Switch

Brewing, programming, maintenance, and other settings are easily navigated thanks to the full color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display. Navigation is further enhanced by the intuitive ball bearing-mounted rotary switch which has become a hallmark of Jura espresso machines.

Recommended Daily Output

Ideal for use in a small office or similar setting, the Giga W3 can safely produce up to 120 beverages a day.

Water Reservoir and Filter

The high volume water reservoir holds up to 5 liters (169oz.) and can be fitted with an over-sized CLARIS Pro Blue water filter.

Bean Hopper and Dregs Drawer

Up to 1kg (2.2lbs) of beans can be stored in the bean hopper while the freshness of your coffee is protected by the aroma preservation cover. You can prepare up to 40 drinks before having to empty the internal dregs drawer located behind the drip tray.

Features and Benefits: Frothing & Hot Water

Dual Milk Systems

Equipped with two milk spouts, the Giga W3 is one of a few one-touch super-automatic espresso machines that can produce two specialty milk drinks at the same time. The milk system is compatible for use with Jura's Stainless Steel Thermal Milk Container and Cool Control milk systems.

Adjustable Air Intake

The milk frothing system uses an electronically controlled, geared stepper motor to heat and froth milk. The stepper motor allows for variable air intake in order to produce milk foam of varying texture that ranges from dry dense foam for Flat Whites to rich cream foam for Lattes.

Hot Water Spout

Hot water is dispensed through its own dedicated spout and can be programmed to one of three temperature settings.

Features and Benefits: Cleaning, Maintenance, and Other

Integrated Rinsing and Descaling Programs

Properly maintaining your machine is vital to its longevity and to the flavor of your drinks. The automatic rinsing and descaling programs make it easy to regularly clean and descale your machine to prevent the buildup of coffee oils and scale deposits.

Programmable On/Off Time

Depending on when your shift starts, or when you wake up in the morning, the Giga W3 can be programmed with individual on/off times so it's ready to brew when you need it to be.

< 0.5 Watt Standby Mode

To conserve power, the Giga W3 will enter a low energy standby mode after a set duration of inactivity. When in standby mode, the machine consumes < 0.5 Watts of electricity.

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