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Product Description

The Mahlkonig K 30 Twin Espresso Grinder is an award winning design featured as an official grinder of the World Barista Championship and is a great choice for a busy coffee shop or restaurant. With its stylish and quite twin grinding stations you can be set up for rapid delivery of many different coffee drink grinds, and at 2 seconds per single shot of espresso we do mean rapid! It is a precise performer that relieves you of any worries about grind consistency. The programmable controls allow you to pre=set grind fineness and grind time. The twin fan cooled 65mm steel grinding discs provide very quick delivery of fluffy consistent grinds directly into your portafilter. A receiver is adjustable to fit all sizes of portafilters and it holds the portafilter steady allowing you to operate the grinder just by setting the portafilter in the receiver where it engages a switch that runs the motor.

Programmable Dose Control

The language selectable programmable controls provide easy adjustment of grind time to establish pre-sets of dose sizes for each of 2 buttons for both grinding stations. Typically, on each station, one button is set for a single-shot and the other for a double-shot. An LCD read-out above the buttons displays menu selections.

The software also keep track of additional information including shot counters for single, double, and life doses delivered, and a log of the last 20 alarm messages. There is a password protected service menu for resetting the alerts for cleaning and disc change, testing different electrical components, and setup of the cleaning alarm parameters.

Quick Specs:

  • Bean hopper capacity 2 x 1.65lbs (3.3lbs total)
  • Grinding capacity  3.6 - 4.8 g/sec
  • Parallel operation of both grinders
  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Voltage 100-115 V
  • Grinding disc diameter 2 x 65 mm (2.56”)
  • Rotations 1640 rpm
  • Fan for each grinder
  • Dimensions (w x d x h) 14.5“ x 11.8“ x 23.2“
  • Software menu in five languages
  • PIN-protected software for settings and service
  • Net weight 57.3 lbs
  • Overload protection
  • Listings:  UL,NSF


With grind-on-demand and easy pre-setting of grind size and time for all kinds of portafilters the K 30 Twin Espresso Grinder provides hands-free operation. And the break-function allows your inner barista to free-fill the portafilter by eye and tamp part-way through dosing.

Grinder burrs

The twin 65mm, (2.56 inches), alloy steel flat disc burrs will grind the most robust coffee bean with ease, and each grind station can be operated independently in parallel. They are very long life and rated for 100,000 doses before needing to be replaced. Depending on fineness setting each one can grind 3.6g to 4.8g per second. That means they will grind an average single espresso dose of 7g in about 2 seconds.

Bean Hopper

Each of the see-through plastic bean hoppers holds 1.65lbs of beans. They have locking screws at their bases to prevent unauthorized removal, and a robust bayonet twist lock connector to seat them on the grinder housing. For cleaning or to remove and change to a different coffee bean, there are hopper slides neatly stowed under the drip tray that fit into slots in the bayonet adapter so the hoppers can be removed with beans still in them.

Grind-on-Demand Dosing

Ground coffee loses more than half of its aroma within about 15 minutes due to oxygen, humidity and light dissolving the volatile aromas out of the broken cells. The whole bean protects the aroma inside the cells until grinding occurs. In order to minimize the aroma loss Grind-on-Demand-grinders only grind the amount of coffee beans that are needed for the shot. Dosing is done through a timer in the grinder’s software. Therefore Grind-on-Demand ensures constant quality in every cup and equal treatment for every customer because every dose for every cup is freshly ground. The K 30 Twin Espresso Grinder operates when a portafilter is engaged in the receiver allowing portion controlled fluffy fresh grounds for espresso to drop right into the portafilter.


Safety devices include:

  • A magnetic sensing switch built into the lid of the grinder. The grinder only operates with the lid fully closed and any alarm message is cleared.
  • A circuit breaker accessible on the rear of the housing protects the machine against external power surges.
  • Foreign objects in the grind chamber are sensed by motor winding heat build-up and if the motor heats up significantly the machine will shut off. The grinder cannot be started again. Let it rest for about 30 minutes. The thermal switch will re-connect the motor automatically.

Design notes:

  • Twin 65 mm alloy steel disc burrs
  • Mahlkönig Information and Control System (MICS)
  • Twin 1.65lb capacity bean hoppers with slides
  • Electronically controlled (Timer)
  • Twin Universal Port-a-Filter Rests
  • Software shot counter
  •  hands-free operation


A feature called the break-function allows you to interrupt the grind to do a partial tamp by just removing the portafilter. Returning the portafilter to the receiver continues the grind. The controller will remember how much grind time is remaining and show it on the LCD display. When you don’t want to continue the grind, the memory can be cleared by pressing the buttons.

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