Saeco Gran Baristo Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

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Product Description

After 28 years Saeco seeks to redefine the bean-to-cup experience with the Gran Baristo Super-Automatic espresso machine. Slimmer, faster, and more efficient than any of their previous machines, the Gran Baristo is designed to address the needs and wants of the modern espresso drinker. With variable pressure brewing, 16 one-touch drink specialties, an improved water system, and simplified maintenance, the Gran Baristo is a machine that will elevate your standards of quality at a price that won't hold you back.

Marching to the beat of its own drum, the avant garde Gran Baristo embraces a far more modern design than its contemporaries. With sleek ABS black thermoplastic housing and a clear front panel backed by a stainless steel accent, the machine's aesthetics pair well with its enhanced functionality. Scarcely over 8" wide and only 14.17" high, the machine is ready to be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen. Internally Saeco has gone to great lengths to improve the coffee circuit and enhance the brewing experience as a whole. The Gran Baristo's coffee circuit has been optimized with shorter pipes than other Saeco machines to cut back on water waste by up to 80% and to guard against heat loss. Simply put, it brews hotter coffee, faster.

Saeco's new VariPresso brewing system is the Gran Baristo's crowning achievement. Catering to the full spectrum of home coffee drinkers, the VariPresso Chamber can extract at the traditional 15 bar for espresso, or at a lighter 3-4 bar to brew coffee closer to drip or filter preparation. The result is a machine that boasts 16 one-touch coffee specialties including one-touch milk drinks. For lattes, cappuccinos, and other milk specialties, the Gran Baristo uses Saeco's patented dual chamber carafe to produce dense, long lasting milk foam at the push of a button. Based on the preferences of your household, users can program up to five separate profiles to record the exact specifications of their favorite drinks.

With regards to maintenance, the improved coffee circuit has helped to reduce water waste by up to 80% during rinses which means less emptying of the drip tray and refilling of the reservoir. The water reservoir holds a total of 57oz and is removable, allowing for greater flexibility. The bean hopper holds a total of 9.5oz of whole bean coffee and Gran Baristo grinds with professional quality ceramic burrs that can be set to one of five fineness settings. The brew group has also been updated and can now be removed with just one finger, sliding out automatically for easy cleaning. For greater convenience the drip tray and the milk carafe are dishwasher safe for fast and hygenic cleaning. 


Dimensions: 18.11" D x 8.07" W x 14.17" H

Weight: 28.66lbs

Customizable Profiles

Brew based on your preferences. The Gran Baristo features five customizable user profiles that can be programmed to make your drinks the way you like them. Simply select the icon of your profile to brew pre-programmed drinks at the push of a button.

Thermospeed Technology

An added benefit of the optimized coffee circuit is the reduction of heat loss while brewing. The shorter pipes help to reduce brewing time and ensure the less heat is lost, resulting in hotter espresso.

Variable Pressure Extraction

Saeco's unique VariPresso chamber allows you to select between standard (15 bar) and low (3-4 bar extraction). Standard extraction is used for traditional espresso brewing while the low pressure is used to produce a beverage more akin to drip or filter coffee.

Water Saving Maintenance

To reduce water waste Saeco has optimized the design of the internal coffee circuit to utilize shorter pipes. This helps to guarantee less water usage during rinses which translates to less reservoir refilling and less drip tray emptying.

One Finger Removable Brew Group

Making maintenance simpler than ever, Saeco has redesigned their internal brewing group so that it can now be removed with just one finger. The group will now automatically slide out of the machine with just a light pull, making removal and replacement easier than ever.

Grinder and Bean Hopper

The Gran Baristo's bean hopper holds a total of 9.5oz of whole bean coffee, while the grinder can be adjusted to one of 5 settings to ensure ideal extractions of your favorite espresso.

Compact Design

Measuring a mere 8.07" inches wide, the Gran Baristo is Saeco's slimmest super-automatic yet. The compact design allows it to be seamlessly integrated into most kitchens, even those that are short on counter space.

16 One-Touch Coffee Specialties

A benefit of the variable brewing pressures is that the Gran Baristo boasts a wide array of one-touch specialties ranging from espressos to latte macchiatos. There are 7 one-touch espresso options, 5 one-touch low pressure options, and 4 one-touch milk specialty options.

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