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Product Description

Considered by many as a game changer, the Baratza Sette 270W was awarded Best New Product at the SCAA 2016 Expo in the Consumer Coffee or Tea Preparation and Serving Equipment. This revolutionary conical burr grinder that was designed and perfected in Liechtenstein over the course of 8 years. Combining innovative features like a modular portafilter holder, precision timing, and a burr mechanism where the outer burr rotates, the Sette 270 sets a new standard for high-speed, precision grinding at home.

Equipped with a high torque motor and a 19:1 gear reduction box, the grinder is nearly twice as fast as other home grinders including the Baratza Forte with minimal retention. The Sette 270W is a unique, weight-based variant of the the standard Sette 270 and is equipped with Acaia scale technology for programmable weight based grinding with 20ms response time and accuracy within 1/10th of a gram. Baratza also worked directly with Acaia to develop a Bluetooth app to track data from grinding sessions to achieve even more accurate results.

Dimensions: 9.48" D x 5.11" W x 15.87" H

Weight: 7lbs

Weight Based Dosing

Equipped with an integrated Acaia scale, the Sette 270W specializes in precision weight based dosing, allowing users to grind by weight directly into a portafilter. Baratza has also partnered with Acaia to develop a Bluetooth app that allows you to monitor, log, and track your grinding sessions with specific data about your weights and settings.

19:1 Gear Reduction

Outfitted with a combination planetary gear box and a patented crown gear drive system, the Sette achieves a 19:1 speed reduction.

40mm Steel Burrs

Manufactured in Liechenstein, the 40mm conical burrs allow the Sette to achieve grinding speeds from 3.5g - 5.5g/sec. based on the setting. The burrs produce a uniform grind with high particle consistency and a lack of fines across all grind settings. The conical burrs are made from durable steel and will remain sharp for many years. The uniquely designed mechanism also allows for precision burr alignment to ensure accurate grinding.

Integrated Acaia Scale

The integrated Acaia scale raises the bar for all coffee grinders, providing blindingly fast 20ms response time with sensitivity accurate to 1/10th of a gram.

Backlit LED Panel

Mounted on the front of the grinder, the LED display allows for intuitive operation. There are three programmable buttons that can be timed within 0.1 seconds. Simply press the start button to initiate precisely dosed grinding.

Grind Adjustment

Grind adjustment is handled by a macro-adjust of 30 stepped settings and a stepless micro-adjust with 9 indicators; this unique combination of adjustments allows for easy and accurate dialing of perfect espresso. The grind adjustment mechanism is directly connected to the cone burr for immediate grind adjustment.

Convertible Device Holder

Baratza has upped the ante with the Sette 270W by designing a modular device holder that can be adjusted to fit both portafilters, brewing devices, and other containers. Simply press in one of the arms and turn to adjust positioning. The wide configuration can comfortably hold some of the most popular brewers including Hario drippers, the Clever, Able Kones, and even an Aeropress. When configured for portafilters, there is an integrated hook for stability while grinding.

Included with each Sette 270W is a grounds bin made from anti-static plastic, with a molded spout to easily pour your grounds into your coffee maker or brewing device.


The hopper holds approximately 275g or 9.7oz of whole bean coffee. For hassle-free removal when cleaning your grinder or changing out beans, the collar is fitted with Baratza's innovative "hopper stopper" which shuts off the flow of beans.

Minimal Retention

To help you brew the best coffee possible, the Sette 270W's unique design minimizes grounds retention. The straight-through path from the burrs dispenses coffee directly into your portafilter, brewing device, or grounds bin.

Brewing Methods

No matter how you prepare your coffee, the Sette 270W is capable of grinding for all brewing methods ranging from espresso to French press.


A powerful, high torque DC motor drives the Sette 270W. To prevent damage from overheating, the circuitry is equipped with a high-limit thermal cutoff switch that automatically resets.

Small Footprint

At under 15" tall, the Sette fits nicely under most standard kitchen cabinets.

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