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Product Description

With Gaggia's Velasca coffee and espresso machine, it doesn't take much to imagine what life would be like with a personal barista on your counter top. In a union the blends Gaggia's 75 years of espresso know how with proven innovations, bean-to-cup espresso has never been more authentic or more accessible.

You're at the helm with dedicated buttons for espresso, espresso lungo, hot water, and steam. Robust ceramic burrs grind beans fresh for every drink you prepare and 5 adjustable strength settings and Gaggia's adapting system guarantee that the perfect amount of coffee is used every time. Should you prefer, there's also the option to fill the brew group with pre-ground coffee thanks to the bypass doser. For specialty milk drinks, the Pannarello steam wand makes it easy to texture milk for creamy cappuccinos and lattes thanks to an air intake hole that takes hassle out of frothing.

Thanks to the automatic rinse cycle and Gaggia's removable brew unit, cleaning and maintaining the Velasca is easier than ever. Simply pop out the brew unit for a quick rinse in your sink to keep your coffee tasting fresh and machine functioning properly. For descaling, simply program your water hardness into the machine and the Velasca will alert you when it's time to run a descaling cycle. When not in use for an extended period of time, the Velasca will enter into a low energy standby mode to preserve power.

Dimensions: 10.25" W x 17" D x 13.5" H

Weight: 17.63lbs

Brewing Features

The intuitive brew button and clean LED screen make it easier than ever to produce an espresso or espresso lungo with just one push. Using the Aroma Strength selector you can choose between one of five strength settings (or brew with pre-ground espresso). Your ideal beverage can be further customized with your preferred volume and temperature for barista quality coffee with all of the flavor and none of the attitude.

Espresso: Classic Italian espresso, topped with rich crema with robust body and flavor.

Espresso Lungo: A longer, lighter drink with more volume than a traditional espresso. Ideal for fans of American coffee.

Ceramic Burr Grinder

Ceramic is the material of choice when you want precise grinding with minimal heat transfer. Ceramic burrs last longer, and won't rust if any moisture gets into the bean hopper. The Velasca's grinder has 10 settings ranging from extra fine for crema rich espresso to coarser grinds ideal for lighter American style long coffees. When the need for decaf arises, the bypass doser allows you to fill the brew group directly without having to empty the bean hopper.

Frothing and Hot Water

Gaggia's innovative Pannarello steam wand makes it easier than ever to produce rich milk foam for lattes and cappuccinos. Thanks to the rapid heating boiler, just push the "Steam" button and in less than 30 seconds you'll be texturing milk to your preferred temperature and consistency. For tea and cocoa drinkers, the wand also doubles as a hot water spout with its own dedicated button.

Cup Warmer

Hot coffee and cold cups just don't mix. The passively heated cup warmer can comfortably fit 3 standard espresso cups to keep them comfortably warm for when it's time to brew.

Water and Coffee Capacity

The front loaded water reservoir holds up to 54oz of water and pulls out of the machine for easy refilling. The bean hopper can hold up to 10.58oz of whole bean coffee and you can brew up to 10 drinks before having to empty the dreg drawer.


Descaling and Maintenance

Using the included water test strip you can program your water hardness into the Velasca's descaling program to be automatically alerted when it's time to descale. For additional protection, you can install a Mavea Intenza water filter in the reservoir to remove minerals and chemicals that would otherwise adversely affect your machine's performance and the flavor of your coffee. After a set duration, the machine will enter into a low energy standby mode to conserve power when not in use.

Removable Brew Group

At the heart of the machine is Gaggia's patented removable brew group. The brew group tamps the ground coffee automatically for a perfect extraction every time. For ease of cleaning and maintenance, the brew group can be removed and rinsed to protect the longevity and performance of your machine.

Included Accessories

To start you off on the right foot, each Velasca ships with the following accessories included:

  • 1 - 250ml Bottle of Gaggia Decalcifier
  • 1 - Mavea Intenza Water Filter
  • 1 - Water Hardness Test Strip
  • 1 - Tube of Brew Group Lubricant
  • 1- Coffee Scoop / Grinder Key

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