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The Sommelier Coffee Syphon from Hario combines the uniqueness and novelty of syphon coffee brewing with Hario's trademark elegance and precision. As a syphon brewer, the Sommelier consists of two halves, the water reservoir and the ground coffee chamber that rests on top of it. The two chambers are connnected by a tube and separated by a filter. When a heat source is applied to the water, it slowly flows up the tube, through the filter, and into the ground coffee where it will remain untl the heat is removed. The brewed coffee then flows back down through the fitler and into the reservoir. Then, simply remove grounds chamber to serve your coffee; the lid of the chamber doubles as a stand for you to set it on while serving. The uniquely shaped reservoir resembles a wine decanter and is fitted with a plastic collar for easy gripping and to insulate your fingers while pouring.


The two halves of the brewer rest in a specially designed stainless steel stand. The reservoir locks in as a base while the grounds chamber sits on top of it. Included with the Sommelier are two filters, one cloth and one stainless steel. Both filters are reusable and don't impact the taste of your coffee the way paper does and the filter you use is based entirely on your preferences. The Sommelier boasts a total capacity of 20oz or 5 cups of coffee.


Dimensions: 7.6"D x 5.9" W x 14" H

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