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Product Description

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Rio’s Vania line is known for its affordable, yet durable design that consistently brews great espresso with maximum heat retention. Stainless steel steam wands, brass brew groups, and a resilient exterior make this commercial-grade Vania a long-term and profitable investment. The Vania Automatic is great for coffee shops or restaurants where authentic espresso is in high demand. Easily removable body panels make performing preventative maintenance a simple and fast process, keeping your business up and running.


The Rio Vania Automatic will require little training to operate and has an automatic shut off for each drink size. However, programming the brewing buttons will take a more advanced knowledge of proper espresso making techniques. A simple knob controls steaming and frothing, but learning the art of creating ideal foam for specialty drinks takes time and practice. 


  • The Vania features a nickel-plated brass boiler with a heat exchanger for simultaneous brewing and steaming.
    • Boiler Capacity: 23 liters
  • 4 programmable brewing buttons next to each brew group allow you to set a desired liquid amount for your most popular drinks.
  • Each of the Vania's brew groups can be operated simultaneously, letting you serve a high volume of customers at once.
  • Rotating stainless steel steam wands on either end of the Vania allow for easy access, even when brew groups are in use.
  • The Vania connects directly to a waterline, so you never have to stop brewing to refill by hand.
  • An anti-siphon valve prevents milk from entering the boiler, ensuring an uncorrupted water supply for your espresso.
  • A large cup-warming tray on the top of the Vania has lots of room for your espresso, cappuccino, and latte cups.
  • A water level sensor in the boiler ensures that it won’t run dry and cause damage to the machine.
  • With 5 ¾” of clearance beneath each brew group, you can brew into a wide variety of cup sizes.
  • 2 hot water dispensers allow you to have instant hot water at anytime fore tea, americanos, or hot chocolate.
  • ETL and UL approvals ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Dimensions and weight
    • 23”H x 47”W x 22”D
    • 330 lbs

Feature Details

Programmable Brewing Buttons

Each brew group on the Rio Vania features a keypad with 4 programmable brewing buttons. You can program the buttons for each brew group all at once, or program them separately for maximum versatility. When programmed, each button will automatically stop the brewing process once the preset liquid volume is reached. This makes brewing just the right amount for single shot and double shot espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes simple for both experienced brewers and trainees. Also, because employees don’t need to manually dispense each shot, they can brew multiple drinks at once and speed up production.

Large Boiler

The Vania 4 Group features a mammoth 23-liter, nickel-plated brass boiler that holds enough water for over 700 shots of espresso- ample size for even the largest food service operations. A submerged, removable heat exchanger provides instant hot steam, so you can efficiently brew and steam at the same time. It is also fully plumbable, so you never have to manually refill.

Temperature Stability

The Vania's heavy brass brew groups and submerged heat exchanger are designed to help maximize temperature stability during brewing. With a powerful heating element and a a large capacity boiler, the Vania can maintain consistent temperatures during your busiest hours.

Rotating Steam Wands

The Vania has 2 stainless steel steam wands located on either end of the machine, making steaming and frothing easy with frothing pitchers of all sizes. The Vania's steaming system features an anti-siphon valve that prevents milk from entering the boiler if a vacuum is created, so you’ll never have to worry about cleaning milk residue out of the internal components of the machine.

Cup Warmer

A large cup warmer located on the top of the Vania ensures that minimal heat is lost during the final part of the brewing process. There is lots of room for a variety of cups to be kept nice and warm by passive heat from the Vania’s large boiler.

Clean Design

The Rio Vania is designed with cleanliness in mind. Extra-tall legs make it easy to clean underneath the machine, while a drip tray under all of the groups catch any spills. The Vania’s durable exterior is also easy to wipe down with a damp cloth.


Daily Maintenance

  • Like all commercial espresso machines, you should always empty and rinse each portafilter after every use. It’s also a good idea to run water through each grouphead after the brewing cycle has completed to prevent coffee residue from building up around the brewing components.
  • At the end of each day, this Rio espresso machine should be backflushed with cleaning solution to remove buildup from the grouphead. Backflushing is a fast and easy way to keep your espresso machine functioning properly and producing at its best. 
  • Along with daily brew group maintenance, it is recommended that you clean each frothing wand after each use to maintain functionality and to prevent potential health issues. Simply use a damp towel to wipe away milk residue from the outside of the steam wand, and then point it at the drip tray and open the steam valve to allow clean steam to flow through.
  • It is also recommended that the drip tray grill be removed nightly and cleaned thoroughly.

Periodic Maintenance

  • As part of a weekly cleaning routine, it is recommended that you soak the portafilters, filter baskets and shower screens in a solution of backflush detergent and hot water. Soaking your brewing components for about 10 minutes throughout the week will ensure your machine continues to perform at its best.

Parts to Keep on Hand

Since the Vania is designed for high output, there are a few parts you should keep on hand for quick replacements. Parts that can wear under constant use are filter baskets, shower screens and group gaskets, so it’s a good idea to check them regularly and replace them when needed.


This Rio espresso machine will require a professional installation, which we can arrange for you at the time of purchase. Prior to installation, you will need to submit the following electrical and plumbing requirements (both found in the Installation Guidelines Diagram) to a general contractor, electrician, or plumber as well as your code enforcement officer to ensure the compliance of your facility with the needs of this machine.

Electrical Specifications

  • 220 volts
  • 5000 watts
  • Circuit Breaker Requirements
    • 40 Amp
  • Suggested NEMA Plug & Receptacle
    • L6-40P; L6-40R
  • Please note: Plug is NOT included with the machine.

Plumbing Requirements

  • Water and drain within 5’
  • 3/8” Flexi Drainline
  • 3/8” Braided Stainless Steel Cold Water Supply Line
  • 3/8” Cold Water Supply

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